Saturday, June 13, 2015

Astonishing Adventures pitch

This is a pitch for a 3 issue , ALL AGES mini series, Astonishing Adventures.   I have all 3 issues completed and even self-published a black and white version that sells quite sell at cons.  The story is intended for kids ages 8-14, the main heroes of the book are the young brother and sister; both of who get the adults out of trouble.  If you like what you see, I can send you more issues.  The samples here are from issue #2 of the book; which I am in the process of coloring. 
Thank you again and I look forward to hearing from you,
Chad Blakely
6915 Snowy River Road
Cheyenne, WY 82001

2013- The Con Job (pathetic aesthetic comics) writer, illustrator,colorist, letterer, publisher)
2012-2013 Artist Allies (  writer, illustrator, letterer, colorist
2012- Astonishing Adventures (pathetic aesthetic comics) writer, illustrator, letterer, publisher
2011- Kidnapping Kevin Smith (pathetic aesthetic comics) writer, illustrator, letterer, publisher
2010- 10th Muse Crossovers –Koni Waves story (Bluewater prod.) inker
2009- Orion the Hunter 48 page giant (Bluewater Prod.) inker
2008- Arcana Dark Horrors 2- “the Last Job” (Arcana) inker

“Astonishing Adventures”
By Chad Blakely
3 issue mini series (with other stories to be told in subsequent series)
We are surrounded by a world that only children can see; a world of magic, adventures, and monsters. After his daughter is abducted, a father rediscovers this world, with the help of his son and a 7 foot tall teddy bear. Now they race across the universe, attempting to save his daughter and humanity.
Meet Chad Edwards, a father of two and loving husband; for whom on an ordinary day, an extraordinary event
takes place. After his daughter Grace goes missing from his backyard, while playing with her older brother Harrison,
Chad learns about a world he forgot about that exists outside the reality of adults. As children, we fight dragons, play
dress up, and go on intergalactic adventures; protecting the rest of our world from the forces of evil who wish to do us
harm. However, as we grow older and quit believing in fairytales, we lose the ability to see this world around us. After
his daughter is taken by one of these evil forces, Chad regains the ability to see the world for how it really is and goes on
an out of this world adventure across the galaxy with his son, Harrison, and his trusty sidekick, a teddy bear named GoGo.
Grace was taken by the vile Lord Zynismus, an intergalactic villain who wants to invade our world. Zynismus
was created by and gains strength from the negativity and cynicism of the adults of the universe. In order to take over
Earth, Lord Zynismus must corrupt the soul of a “pure and innocent” child, which is his plan for Grace. She knows that
she is loved and will be saved by her brother, an idea that Zynismus must snuff out in order to corrupt Grace’s
Chad, Harrison, and Go-Go race across the galaxy to find and rescue Grace; a journey that takes them to an alien
planet that seems like something out of the old west, at first. The dusty, Deadwoodesque town is inhabited by reptilianlike
bikers who have no love for offworld visitors. After a melee in a bar, and some strong arming from the giant teddy
bear Go-Go, the boys find out the location of Lord Z’s fortress. However, the rescue attempt goes south and Chad,
Harrison, and Go-Go are imprisoned by Zynismus.
While awaiting their impending execution; an event that Zynismus knows will be Grace’s breaking point, the
boys are rescued by a mysterious heroine. They soon find out that their rescuer is none other than the kids’ mom,
Alaina. Alaina it turns out is one of the rare adults that never lost the ability to see the world as children do and helps
fight alongside the kids to protect Earth. She happened to be off planet when Chad and Harrison went on their rescue
mission; once she heard of their capture, she knew she had to move into action.
Now the family face off against Lord Zynismus and his droid army, in a battle to save Grace and Earth. Lord Z attempts to kill Chad, but Grace jumps in between him and the death blow, deflecting the shot back at Lord Z and destroying him.  Grace saved the day and her family.

Astonishing Adventures samples

Sample pages from Astonishing Adventures #2. Art, Colors, Words by Chad Blakely

Monday, December 9, 2013

Who knows?

Tom Baker, my Doctor growing up.  Here is my design based on his final outfit as the Doctor.  It was monochromatic and introduced ?uestion Marks into the Doctor's outfit.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Here is an update for my upcoming book, "The Con Job"!  This time it is a panel featuring my cousin, Brian as a new anchor.  I am happy to say that I am done with principal art on the book, all that is missing now are people who get parts through my Kickstarter funding raising.  It feels pretty good to have 50 pages of finished art "in the can".  Pre-tay pre-tay good....

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Here is another step by step process shot for my upcoming OGN "the Con Job".

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Here is a step by step process shot for my upcoming OGN "the Con Job".  This is my first time coloring digitally, so I borrowed a technique that Laura Allred told me about.  It involves layers and flat colors and a LOT of luck.  I am pretty happy with the results!